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It doesn't matter how safe you are...

One of the cold hard facts of life is that no matter how prepared you are, there's always something unexpected that can arise and foil even your best-laid plans. The same is true in fire prevention and safety.

We've seen many incredible businesses go above and beyond and take every fire safety precaution necessary to protect themselves and their customers, only to be foiled by another negligent party. Take this case in Western Ma:

A homeowner was shocked to see that their home caught on fire due to the sun reflecting from their neighbors windows. The windows in question had been recalled but the neighbor had failed to replace them. The lesson here is that no matter how safe YOU are, you cannot prepare for everything. That's why R.B. Lewis Fire Safety offers 24 hour emergency protection. So that no matter WHAT happens, your business is safe and always under watch by our trained professionals.

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